I’m really happy to be a resident at Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology for their Summer 2015 intake. I’ll be working on an area of research I call eccentric engineering. Here’s an excerpt from my application that gives an idea of where I am starting…

Technologies afford winners and losers. They are dynamic entities that coproduce environments and cultures through both material, psychological and (more recently) algorithmic interactions that privilege certain agendas and perspectives. Can we move beyond thinking of technologies in exclusively in human terms, and re-conceive systems, infrastructures and technologies to accommodate and amplify the experiences of those not typically included in their scope?

How can human systems, infrastructures and devices be re-conceived to accommodate the perspectives & agendas of non-humans? In response to this question, this project focuses on developing experimental technologies, devices or softwares that tie user experience to that of a non-human’s.

In this residency I propose to build prototype devices, as well as research & articulate this expanded practice of non-human-centric engineering - practices I call ‘eccentric engineering’. Eccentric engineering approaches infrastructures not as services to human communities but as negotiations with non-human communities. It asks how we might build inter-structures rather than infra-structures and development experimental technologies that privilege empathy over efficiency, foster co-dependence over independence and reveal connections rather than reinstating false separations.

These ideas can be traced in strands of media art, and my thinking & research of such practices will be collated and communicated online as a part of this project blog & writing. To explore these ideas in an applied way, I am developing experimental devices for deployment.